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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Sessions for individuals are £60 and for couples £70. Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis. Sessions are 50 minutes for individuals and an hour for couples. If you are able to give 48 hours notice that you are unable to make a session there won't be a charge. Sessions cancelled without this notice are charged at the full rate.

Is is confidential?

Confidentiality in counselling is extremely important and one of the main reasons why this relationship is very different to any other relationship. Only in very rare circumstances would confidentiality need to be broken and only after talking this through with the client. These circumstances would relate to a situation where a person was at serious risk of harming themselves or another person. Breaking confidentiality is very rare.

How do I start counselling?

We would meet for an assessment session to begin with and during this session we would decide together whether counselling with me is right for you at this stage. Occasionally it is necessary to have two sessions to make an assessment but this would be discussed with you during the first appointment. We would plan the likely length of therapy; the number of sessions if it is to be time limited or, if it seems that because of the nature of the issues, longer term work might be needed, we would arrange some sessions with a planned review to discuss how the therapy is progressing.

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